• Drag & Drop

    Just Drag and Drop your PNG or JPG files into the app and they will be queued and processed one by one.

  • Overwrite Original – Pro Version Only

    Only Optimised files will be downloaded to a new copy suffixed “-tinified”. The Overwrite Original function when enabled will directly save onto the original file if you wish to overwrite the original file instead.

  • Watch Folder – Pro Version Only

    The Watch Folder function when enabled will allow you to specifiy a folder for tinyPNGApp to monitor for JPG or PNG files added to that folder and automatically optimise them.

  • CLI – Pro Version Only

    tinyPNGApp also supports CLI for automation with scripts or other tools. To use as a CLI program add “–file (filename)” when calling tinyPNGApp.

     eg. tinyPNGApp.exe --file somefile.png 

    Note: You still need to open the GUI to enable Overwrite Original function, but if the setting has been enabled previously you don’t need to enable it again.


  • Image Resizing

    Ability to also resize images on user defined dimensions and resize type (fit, crop, scale, cover).

  • Batch processing

    Process multiple images in batches instead of one at a time.

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